Peach Girl

Well, it’s a 2005 anime, I watch it via the cable tv I have at home.

It’s an anime about a girl, Momo Adachi, and his love relationship with 2 male character, Toujigamori Kazuya and Okayasu Kairi, there are lot of twist and turns in this anime, the normal boy/girl relationship thing but more dramatic that’s all.

Here is the opening song to the anime:


My personal rating for the anime:
Animation: 6
Because I guess the main focus of this anime isn’t on animation that’s why I don’t get amazed by their animation while watching it.

Story: 8
Because it keep me wanting to watch more with each passing eps, since I want to know who will Momo Adachi pick or what happen during each episodes …
However … the frequent kissing scene is one of the things I do not like too much in this anime, but hey, it’s a love love anime, so kissing just show how much they love each other, after some time I got used to the frequent kissing scene.

Opening Song: 8
Love the opening song, it’s pretty good 🙂 As for ending song, I am not sure, because I am not the type that listens to end songs in anime, once the anime ep start singing the ending song, I will usually switch to the next ep.

Personally this anime gives me the feel that it’s like watching some taiwanese idol drama. Well, if I am not wrong, there is a Peach Girl taiwanese drama, maybe I should watch that too.

If you are the type that enjoy romance/comedy anime, I guess this anime is worth the watch and you should try. If you are the kind who prefer action type like nuubruto Naruto or bitch Bleach,  I guess you are better off not watching this, since it will probably bored you with the lack of actions, but the comedy might make you laugh, hehe

To end this review, here is the full version of the opening song of Peach Girl with some animation, credits goes to the person who have done it, which is …. NOT ME, haha:


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