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Other than being a fan for romance/comedy, I am also a fan for sports anime, so far the worse sports anime I have watched are all related to basketball, I guess it’s because the very first basketball anime, Slam Dunk have set a pretty high standard that the basketball anime of the recent years have fail to surpass or even come close to being as good as Slam Dunk.

Anyway, Overdrive is a sports anime about cycling, the first of it’s kind that I have watch and I pretty much enjoyed it. It’s about Shinozaki Mikoto, a boy whom doesn’t know how to cycle but joined the cycling club of his school because he was invited by a girl he liked, from there on, it’s pretty much about him training to become a good cyclist and of course the cycling event at the mid till end of the anime which pretty much explain how tough it is to be ‘road racing’ (*meaning: cycling for a very long distance along road, which lead through mountainous and difficult terrains I guess*)

Of course the opening song to this anime is good and here is the opening song to the anime.

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Kotoko – Blaze

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Finally, the long awaited PV of one of my favourite singer for anime songs is here. Kotoko’s vocal is amazing, I just find her vocal really special, hehe, one thing is for sure, whenever Kotoko sings the opening song for that anime, I will watch it even when I don’t really find the anime good … example …. Hayate no Gotoku LOL.

So here is the PV for of Kotoko, song name, Blaze, from the popular anime series, Shakugan no Shana 2. Personally, Shakugan no Shana 2, is a pretty ‘slow’ anime, ‘slow’ as in it drag into the school romance genre without action nor comedy which makes it draggy to watch when I was hoping for it to be rather action packed, because the first season has decent amount of actions. Anyway there’s decent amount of action now as we approach toward the end of Shakugan no Shana Season 2.

And here is the PV, enjoy.

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Nana Mizuki – Cosmic Love

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Wow, been a long time since I last posted anything, well that’s real life afterall, been going away for a holiday and after coming back from it you will get the feeling you just don’t feel like doing anything except sleeping and eating haha.

Anyway this is one of the recent PV from the anime series, Rosario + Vampire, basically the anime is about a human boy attending a school full of monsters and his ero ero encounter with the female characters in the school, it’s definately an anime for guys, hehe

Enough said here is PV to it and it’s sang by Nana Mizuki, so you can only expect the song to be good because she has got a very good vocal. PV is style in a very old fashion kind of way which makes it looked a little weird since the video doesn’t looked smooth to me.

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