Other than being a fan for romance/comedy, I am also a fan for sports anime, so far the worse sports anime I have watched are all related to basketball, I guess it’s because the very first basketball anime, Slam Dunk have set a pretty high standard that the basketball anime of the recent years have fail to surpass or even come close to being as good as Slam Dunk.

Anyway, Overdrive is a sports anime about cycling, the first of it’s kind that I have watch and I pretty much enjoyed it. It’s about Shinozaki Mikoto, a boy whom doesn’t know how to cycle but joined the cycling club of his school because he was invited by a girl he liked, from there on, it’s pretty much about him training to become a good cyclist and of course the cycling event at the mid till end of the anime which pretty much explain how tough it is to be ‘road racing’ (*meaning: cycling for a very long distance along road, which lead through mountainous and difficult terrains I guess*)

Of course the opening song to this anime is good and here is the opening song to the anime.

Animation: 7
The animation is decent not too fancy which is quite typical of a sport genre anime.

Music: 6
Music is quite good but not great, so I did skip some of it’s opening sometime, hehe

Story: 8
Story is probably the selling point of this anime, because it’s quite ‘original’ (*at least for me since I have not heard or watch any cycling anime before this one*) for it being the first anime that tells about cycling. The road racing at the mid till end of the anime is probably what makes this anime great, because it gives a pretty detail depiction of what a road racing is all about, and there is a good amount of cycling action mixing it with some storys about how the cycling club is found and the relationship between the various characters.

Personally I think this anime is worth the watch for even non-sport anime fan, the story and character development are probably what make this anime good, so if you the type that goes for anime with a good story I think this is quite good for any casual anime watcher. For sport anime fan, I think you just have to watch it, for it being the first of it’s kind and will most probably set a standard for sports anime that dare venture into the sport cycling genre like how all basketball animes are being compared to Slam Dunk, lol

And to end this review let us enjoy the PV to the opening song:


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