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Nodame Cantabile

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Other than playing Crisis Core, I do watch anime with my PSP from time to time, here is one of the anime that I have just finished watching.

It’s a pretty good anime about music/orchestra and a bit of a romance/comedy, the good thing about this anime is you get to listen to the animated orchestra performing some classical music to give you a feel what a real orchestra performance is like if you haven’t been to a real one, hehe

The opening song is good, which is why I watch this anime I guess, hehe
Starts off with a short catchy piano before you heard a rather digitized voice singing the song and here is the opening song of the anime.

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Minami Kuribayashi – Love Jump

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Here is another PV, it’s from the anime, Kurenai, I haven’t really watch this anime yet, so I have no idea what kind of anime it is, but from people whom have watched it, I was told it’s a pretty good anime and worth the watch, hehe

I guess I will put it in my pending list of animes since I am clearing older animes now.

The song is sang by Minami Kuribayashi, the singer that sang, Mai Hime/Mai Otome opening songs and many other great anime’s opening/ending songs, you got say she is one really good singer with very good vocal comparable to 2 of my personal favourite, Kotoko and Nana Mizuki 😀

So here is the PV to it.

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Ui Miyazaki – Phosphor

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wow, like I said in my first post, looked like my postings are going downhill, well I blame PSP + Crisis Core combo, it took away the free time that I use to make post, hehe.

Anyway the new anime season have began for the past 4 weeks, lot of new animes to watch again. Here is the PV for one of the new anime, Kanokon, one of the more echi anime released this season. This new season comes with lot of ‘big breast’ anime, I believe it’s because summer is coming yeah ‘the spirit of hot/youthful youths’, so more echi animes are released.

Here is the PV, it’s sang by Ui Miyazaki, I have seen a previous PV from her for the opening song to Night Wizard The animation, her voice is pretty good 🙂

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