Nodame Cantabile

Other than playing Crisis Core, I do watch anime with my PSP from time to time, here is one of the anime that I have just finished watching.

It’s a pretty good anime about music/orchestra and a bit of a romance/comedy, the good thing about this anime is you get to listen to the animated orchestra performing some classical music to give you a feel what a real orchestra performance is like if you haven’t been to a real one, hehe

The opening song is good, which is why I watch this anime I guess, hehe
Starts off with a short catchy piano before you heard a rather digitized voice singing the song and here is the opening song of the anime.

Animation: 6
The animation style is pretty plain but the focus of the anime is not the animation but the story, hehe

Opening Song: 9
Opening Song is great and probably why I start to watch this anime out of the many animes that I backlogged.

Story: 8
Story is probably the selling point of this anime, because it’s quite ‘original’ (*at least for me since I have not heard or watch any orchestra kind of anime so far*) for it being the first anime that tells about Orchestra with a bit of romance/comedy.

Personally I think this anime is worth the watch if you are into classical music, romance/comedy or you just want to watch something new and ‘original’ in some way, hehe
Oh from youtube if you do a search you can probably find a JDrama version for this anime, so if you aren’t into anime, you can try the JDrama version, it should be quite similar to the anime version 🙂


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