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UVERworld – Gekidou

Posted in PVs with tags , on June 25, 2008 by kimjim

This is the opening song to one of the ongoing series, D.Gray-Man, it’s a rather popular series, I am sure it’s popularity isn’t any less than the all time famous anime such as Naruto and Bleach, not to mention that the episode numbers of D.Gray-Man is catching up to Naruto and Bleach, but I got the feeling the D.Gray-Man series ending soon, but maybe it’s just me, hehe

Here is the PV, sang by UVERworld, I am sure most people would have heard of them since they sang the opening song for the anime, Bleach (D-tecnolife) and Blood+ (Colors of the Heart) 🙂

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T.M.Revolution – Resonance

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This is the opening song to one of the new Shounen anime for the 2008 Spring release called Soul Eater, it’s about a Shinigami Academy training Weapon Meister(*normal looking kids, your average Shounen anime plot, hehe*) to control Weapon(*kids that can be transform into weapon*) that will be use to kill Kishin(*corrupted souls that are feeding on the soul of other people*)

This is a pretty enjoyable action packed shounen anime and if you had the chance to watch Shaman King before, you will notice the similarity between this 2 anime, probably because it’s from the same author/studio but I am not sure if that is the case, hehe

The song is sang by T.M. Revolution, it’s great, T.M.Revolution’s song is always so upbeat, which is why I kind of like their songs(*anime related*) pretty much and I noticed the PV uses previous PVs of T.M.Revolution, since I saw some familiar scene that I have saw in their previous PVs, hehe
Here is the PV of this anime.

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LM.C – 88

Posted in PVs with tags , on June 10, 2008 by kimjim

This is the PV of the anime, Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn, it’s the fourth opening to this anime, I actually started watching the first few eps a few months ago but stopped for a while before I actually finish watching all the outstanding episodes till the recent released last weekend, talk about speed, hehe.

Basically this anime is about a boy called, Tsuna, who is picked to become the next boss of a mafia organisation called, Vongola, therefore the Vongola organisation sent a Kateikyoushi (family tutor) to guide him to his way to become the next mafia boss of Vongola. Many of the episodes are pretty funny and enjoyable, I would recommend it if you are into Shounen anime like Bleach.

And here is the PV of this anime.

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