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Posted in Bokura Ga Ita with tags , on February 19, 2008 by kimjim

As usual, due to backlogs I have way too many animes left unwatched but I guess this is rather normal for a normal person like me with very normal routine life revolving around ‘WEST’ (Work, Eat, Sleep and Shit Toliet) and WEST takes up 20 hours or more of my life, leaving little to no time for leisure activity like watching animes, hehe

I have just managed to finish watching this 2006 anime. It’s basically a romance/comedy about a girl falling in love with a very popular guy in her class, of course, like all romance/comedy anime, ‘the course of true love never did run smooth’

The amazing part of this anime which makes me want to watch this anime is probably the music in the form of the opening and ending songs, this anime have great music, probably one of the few animes that I even bother to listen to the ending songs and sometime during the anime it inserts the smoothing ending songs to it and make the mood of the scenario really ‘romantic’. For a 26 episodes anime to have 9 ending songs, it’s quite amazing and probably rare, so you get to enjoy 9 great ending songs in 1 anime of 26 episode, that’s like every 1 new ending song after 2 to 3 episode, of course I have some favourites among these ending songs.

Of course the opening song to this anime is good too and here is the opening song to the anime.

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