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Posted in Overdrive with tags , on March 26, 2008 by kimjim

Other than being a fan for romance/comedy, I am also a fan for sports anime, so far the worse sports anime I have watched are all related to basketball, I guess it’s because the very first basketball anime, Slam Dunk have set a pretty high standard that the basketball anime of the recent years have fail to surpass or even come close to being as good as Slam Dunk.

Anyway, Overdrive is a sports anime about cycling, the first of it’s kind that I have watch and I pretty much enjoyed it. It’s about Shinozaki Mikoto, a boy whom doesn’t know how to cycle but joined the cycling club of his school because he was invited by a girl he liked, from there on, it’s pretty much about him training to become a good cyclist and of course the cycling event at the mid till end of the anime which pretty much explain how tough it is to be ‘road racing’ (*meaning: cycling for a very long distance along road, which lead through mountainous and difficult terrains I guess*)

Of course the opening song to this anime is good and here is the opening song to the anime.

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