Veltpunch – Crawl

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Well, and here is a new PV of the opening song to the anime Nabari no Ou, it’s an anime about ninja world aka Nabari (a hidden world that normal society do not know) and also a boy that hold some high level ninja skill/secret within his body and everyone (in the ninja world) wants to gain access to it, to be honest, after a couple of episodes, the story is progressing pretty smoothly, but there is not much action for an anime that have ninjas, well… hopefully we will see more action soon, hehe

Anyway here is the PV, the music is pretty good and this is the first time I heard of this group call, Veltpunch, maybe we will hear more great anime songs from them soon, hehe

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Pigstar – Kimi=Hana

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Here is another PV from another anime, Junjou Romantica, according to the opening animation and also from people whom have watch it, it’s an anime about yaoi love, so I am sure it’s not an anime that people who are straight/normal like me would want to watch.

Speaking of yaoi anime, my first encounter of such kind of anime is probably, Gravitation, it’s an anime about a rock band but there is also yaoi love in it. Overall it’s consider a pretty funny anime with great music, so my overall first impression of yaoi anime is considered decent, hehe
I was also told, Junjou Romantica, is pretty funny too, so I will watch it when I find the time to, at least watch the first 2 episode before deciding if I can continue watching it or not.

Wish me luck as I venture into the world of yaoi anime, haha.
The PV to this anime is pretty good and here is the PV of Junjou Romantica.

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Motohiro Hata – Kimi, Meguru, Boku

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This season seem like more and more anime openings have a PV version of the song, I feel this is a good thing, since I kind of like watching PV other than just the animated version of the anime opening song, to compare the difference and to see the actual singer singing that song, hehe

This is the PV to the anime, Itazura na Kiss, this is a romance/comedy anime and there is actual/live JDrama and Taiwanese Drama version of this anime, the chinese title of this anime is 恶做剧之吻
If you google a bit I am sure you will find some of the JDrama or Taiwanese drama, hehe

Anyway here is the PV to the opening song of the anime, Itazura na Kiss.

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Nodame Cantabile

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Other than playing Crisis Core, I do watch anime with my PSP from time to time, here is one of the anime that I have just finished watching.

It’s a pretty good anime about music/orchestra and a bit of a romance/comedy, the good thing about this anime is you get to listen to the animated orchestra performing some classical music to give you a feel what a real orchestra performance is like if you haven’t been to a real one, hehe

The opening song is good, which is why I watch this anime I guess, hehe
Starts off with a short catchy piano before you heard a rather digitized voice singing the song and here is the opening song of the anime.

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Minami Kuribayashi – Love Jump

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Here is another PV, it’s from the anime, Kurenai, I haven’t really watch this anime yet, so I have no idea what kind of anime it is, but from people whom have watched it, I was told it’s a pretty good anime and worth the watch, hehe

I guess I will put it in my pending list of animes since I am clearing older animes now.

The song is sang by Minami Kuribayashi, the singer that sang, Mai Hime/Mai Otome opening songs and many other great anime’s opening/ending songs, you got say she is one really good singer with very good vocal comparable to 2 of my personal favourite, Kotoko and Nana Mizuki 😀

So here is the PV to it.

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Ui Miyazaki – Phosphor

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wow, like I said in my first post, looked like my postings are going downhill, well I blame PSP + Crisis Core combo, it took away the free time that I use to make post, hehe.

Anyway the new anime season have began for the past 4 weeks, lot of new animes to watch again. Here is the PV for one of the new anime, Kanokon, one of the more echi anime released this season. This new season comes with lot of ‘big breast’ anime, I believe it’s because summer is coming yeah ‘the spirit of hot/youthful youths’, so more echi animes are released.

Here is the PV, it’s sang by Ui Miyazaki, I have seen a previous PV from her for the opening song to Night Wizard The animation, her voice is pretty good 🙂

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Other than being a fan for romance/comedy, I am also a fan for sports anime, so far the worse sports anime I have watched are all related to basketball, I guess it’s because the very first basketball anime, Slam Dunk have set a pretty high standard that the basketball anime of the recent years have fail to surpass or even come close to being as good as Slam Dunk.

Anyway, Overdrive is a sports anime about cycling, the first of it’s kind that I have watch and I pretty much enjoyed it. It’s about Shinozaki Mikoto, a boy whom doesn’t know how to cycle but joined the cycling club of his school because he was invited by a girl he liked, from there on, it’s pretty much about him training to become a good cyclist and of course the cycling event at the mid till end of the anime which pretty much explain how tough it is to be ‘road racing’ (*meaning: cycling for a very long distance along road, which lead through mountainous and difficult terrains I guess*)

Of course the opening song to this anime is good and here is the opening song to the anime.

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